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Welcome to Central Iowa Towing and Recovery, your trusted source for Des Moines Towing services. Always available and punctual, we’re here to provide the finest Des Moines Towing in Story County. Our dedication is to offer exceptional and reliable Des Moines Towing services. We understand that each customer’s situation is distinct, and we’re committed to providing personalized solutions. Our skilled technicians are focused on addressing your specific issues in the most effective and satisfying way. As a fully licensed towing company in Story County, Iowa, we offer comprehensive services from heavy-duty to light-duty recovery. Known for our outstanding Des Moines Towing services, Central Iowa Towing and Recovery is committed to ensuring prompt, respectful, and reliable assistance for all your towing needs.


Mobile Mechanic Services available for Des Moines, Ames, Marshalltown and all of Central Iowa
to help you with your Mobile Car ServicesSemi BreakDowns and any other Mobile Mechanical Services you may
need for cars, trucks, semi trucks… etc call our main dispatch number 24/7 for emergency roadside assistance.

Vehicle LockoutsGas or Fuel Delivery if you have “Ran out of Gas“, Help With A Tire ChangeMobile Flat Tire Assistance


When it comes to towing and recovering heavy-duty vehicles or tractor trailers, the expertise and equipment of Des Moines Towing by Central Iowa Towing and Recovery are unmatched in Story County. We pride ourselves on providing fast and reliable Des Moines Towing services to ensure you are never left stranded. At Central Iowa Towing and Recovery, we place great value on our customers and strive to ease the stress of challenging situations with our Des Moines Towing expertise. Our team is passionate and dedicated, constantly enhancing their skills with the latest industry techniques. We treat our customers with the utmost care, as we would our own family. Enjoy the swift and hassle-free experience of Des Moines Towing with Central Iowa Towing and Recovery, where we are fully equipped to manage your towing needs. In need of Des Moines Towing? Contact Central Iowa Towing and Recovery at (515) 290-4188 for dependable service.

“Due to a third person’s poor driving, my vehicle received some cosmetic damage while being towed. Central Iowa Towing fixed the damage, and the original problem which caused me to need a tow, for free. I was floored by their prompt reaction to the situation. I can’t wait for the next time I need a tow truck, just so I can have the joy of doing business with these folks again.”