Sunken Trailer Lifting

Imagine the scenario: a fully loaded trailer, its weight pressing down on small pads and feet, has become lodged in soft ground or hot asphalt, rendering it immobile and stuck. The situation can be both frustrating and financially challenging for the trailer’s owner. However, fear not! Central Iowa Towing, a towing and recovery company, has the perfect solution – Sunken Trailer Lifting. This specialized service involves skillfully and efficiently rescuing sunken trailers from treacherous terrain and returning them to the road where they belong.

The Challenge of Sunken Trailers

It’s not uncommon for tractor trailers, especially those carrying heavy loads, to encounter terrain that can’t bear their weight. When a trailer sinks into soft ground or hot asphalt, it poses numerous challenges. Attempting to recover the trailer without the proper equipment and expertise can lead to additional damage, costly delays, and potential safety hazards. Central Iowa Towing, however, has made it their mission to tackle these challenges head-on and provide an effective sunken trailer lifting service.

Central Iowa Towing’s Expertise

With years of experience in the towing and recovery industry, Central Iowa Towing’s team of skilled professionals is well-equipped to handle even the most demanding situations. When called upon to rescue a sunken trailer, they arrive promptly with specialized equipment designed explicitly for this purpose. The team carefully assesses the situation, devises a strategic plan, and proceeds with the utmost caution and precision.

The Sunken Trailer Lifting Process

Assessment and Planning: The Central Iowa Towing team begins by evaluating the scene. They consider the trailer’s weight, the terrain conditions, and any potential hazards. Based on this assessment, they devise a safe and effective plan for the trailer’s recovery.

Specialized Equipment: Sunken trailer lifting requires specialized equipment capable of handling heavy loads. Central Iowa Towing utilizes powerful winches, heavy-duty straps, and rigging equipment to execute the recovery process with maximum efficiency.

Skillful Execution: With the plan in place and the equipment properly positioned, the team skillfully operates the winches to gradually lift the sunken trailer. They use caution to ensure a smooth and safe recovery, avoiding any sudden movements that could exacerbate the situation.

Recovery and Towing: Once the trailer is lifted from the soft ground or hot asphalt, the team secures it properly to their towing vehicle. They take every precaution to prevent further damage to the trailer or the surrounding environment during the towing process.

Post-Recovery Inspection: After successfully rescuing the sunken trailer, Central Iowa Towing conducts a thorough inspection to ensure its roadworthiness. If any damage is identified, they provide prompt and professional repair services to get the trailer back in top condition.

The Central Iowa Towing Difference

What sets Central Iowa Towing apart is their commitment to providing top-notch customer service. They understand that time is of the essence in the trucking industry, and every minute counts. Their rapid response time and efficient sunken trailer lifting process have earned them the trust of numerous clients across the region.


When a fully loaded trailer finds itself trapped in soft ground or hot asphalt, Central Iowa Towing steps in as the hero of the hour. Through their specialized sunken trailer lifting service, they skillfully and safely rescue trailers from precarious situations, providing much-needed relief to their owners. Their expertise, dedication, and cutting-edge equipment make them the go-to towing and recovery company for all sunken trailer emergencies in Central Iowa. So, the next time you find yourself in a trailer sinking dilemma, remember that Central Iowa Towing has your back!



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