Off Road Recovery

Off-Road Recovery: Tackling the Unforeseen Terrain

At Central Iowa Towing, we pride ourselves on being equipped with specialized tools and expertise to handle even the most challenging recovery situations. Off-road recovery is one such area where our skilled team and innovative equipment come into play, rescuing vehicles and equipment stuck in inaccessible and rugged terrains.

The Winch Box: A Powerful Ally

When conventional wreckers cannot reach the location due to rough terrains or restricted access, our secret weapon comes to the forefront – the Winch Box. This remarkable attachment is designed specifically for off-road recoveries and is affixed to the front of a skid loader. The Winch Box allows us to venture into muddy roads, low maintenance paths, and waterways where other vehicles might struggle.

We have successfully pulled out heavy machinery like excavators and skid loaders from difficult spots using the Winch Box. Whether it’s a muddy field, a waterlogged area, or a remote location with no proper access, the Winch Box has proven to be a game-changer in our off-road recovery operations.

Rescuing Vehicles from Unwanted Predicaments

Off-road recovery encompasses various scenarios, and we have encountered them all. Towing vehicles stuck in deep mud, extracting them from fields, and pulling them out of waterways are just a few examples of our expertise. Sometimes, vehicles venture into areas where they shouldn’t be, and that’s where our off-road recovery service shines. We arrive on the scene with the Winch Box and other necessary equipment, ready to pull the vehicle out of its predicament and get it back on the road.

Recovering Equipment, Uprighting with Precision

Our off-road recovery service extends beyond standard vehicles; it also encompasses specialized equipment. When a piece of equipment falls off a trailer and lands on its side or upside down, panic sets in. However, fret not, as our skilled operators can expertly maneuver the situation using our specialized trucks. We have the capability to upright equipment of various sizes, ensuring minimal damage and facilitating the swift continuation of your operations.

Experience and Expertise: The Keys to Success

Off-road recovery requires a unique set of skills and experience, and our team has it in abundance. Our operators have undergone rigorous training to handle the most challenging recovery scenarios. They are adept at assessing the situation, determining the best approach, and executing the recovery process with precision and care.


When it comes to off-road recovery, Central Iowa Towing stands out as a reliable partner. With our powerful Winch Box attachment and skilled operators, we can tackle any recovery challenge thrown our way. Whether it’s pulling vehicles out of mud, waterways, or fields, or uprighting equipment after an unfortunate accident, we are committed to providing efficient and damage-free off-road recovery services. Trust us to navigate the unforeseen terrains and bring your vehicles and equipment back to safety with expertise and care.


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