School Bus Towing

At Central Iowa Towing, we take pride in offering comprehensive towing services, and school bus towing is a crucial part of our commitment to the community. When school buses encounter mechanical issues or breakdowns, it becomes imperative to ensure their swift and safe relocation. Our specialized fleet and expert team are ready to handle school buses, tour buses, motor coaches, transit buses, and even Winnebagos with efficiency and care.

A Reliable Solution for School Bus Breakdowns

School buses play a vital role in the lives of students, providing a safe and reliable means of transportation to and from educational institutions. However, like any other vehicle, school buses can experience mechanical problems or unexpected breakdowns. When such situations arise, quick and reliable towing becomes essential to minimize disruption and ensure the safety of students and passengers.

Equipped for the Challenge: Bus Bars for Tour Buses

At Central Iowa Towing, we understand that not all buses are created equal. When it comes to larger vehicles like tour buses and motor coaches, we have the specialized equipment needed to handle the task. Our trucks are equipped with “bus bars,” a unique device designed to lift the front of tour buses and motor coaches securely. This ensures a safe and stable towing process, guaranteeing the preservation of valuable passenger transport vehicles.

Diverse Bus Towing Capabilities

Our school bus towing services go beyond traditional yellow school buses. We have the expertise and equipment to tow various types of buses, including tour buses, motor coaches, transit buses, and even Winnebagos. With a fleet of well-maintained and specialized tow trucks, we are equipped to handle different sizes and weights of buses, making us the go-to towing service for any bus-related situation.

The Bus Trailer Advantage: Ensuring Safe Transport

For tour buses and other large buses, we have a specialized solution in the form of a bus trailer. This custom-designed trailer is specifically engineered to safely accommodate and transport tour buses and similar vehicles. With the bus trailer, we can securely load the bus onto it, ensuring damage-free transportation to its intended destination.

Safety First: Your Reliable School Bus Towing Partner

When it comes to school bus towing, safety is our top priority. Our team of skilled and experienced technicians undergoes rigorous training, and our towing equipment is regularly maintained to ensure top-notch performance. We understand the importance of handling school buses and other passenger-carrying vehicles with care and precision, and we take pride in being the trusted partner for educational institutions and bus operators in the Central Iowa area.


At Central Iowa Towing, we recognize the significance of school buses and other large passenger vehicles in the community. Our school bus towing services are designed to provide reliable, safe, and efficient solutions for any bus-related situation, from breakdowns to mechanical issues. With our specialized equipment, including bus bars and bus trailers, we ensure that every towing process is carried out with the utmost care and professionalism. When you choose Central Iowa Towing for your school bus towing needs, you can rest assured that the future of education is in good hands.


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