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Central Iowa Towing and Recovery offers 24/7 emergency towing and roadside assistance services in Marshalltown and the surrounding areas. Our fleet of service trucks, strategically placed and outfitted with the latest technology, is always at the ready to provide prompt and reliable help in any roadside emergency.

Our team of professionals at Central Iowa Towing and Recovery is highly trained and certified in advanced towing and recovery techniques. We are proud to deliver top-tier roadside assistance in Marshalltown, handling each call with unmatched efficiency and precision.

Whether you’re dealing with a vehicle breakdown on the road, require vehicle recovery, or need heavy hauling services in Marshalltown, Central Iowa Towing and Recovery is your trusted solution. Our unwavering dedication to excellence guarantees the delivery of superior towing and recovery services quickly and safely, every single time.

Rest assured knowing that Central Iowa Towing and Recovery is always prepared to assist you. We are more than just a towing company; we are your reliable partners committed to ensuring your journey in and around Marshalltown is safe and seamless, 24/7.

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Off-Road Recovery – Snow, Water, Mud Extractions Services Marshalltown, IA

Central Iowa Towing and Recovery is your expert in 24-hour off-road vehicle recovery, skilled in managing ditch extractions, winch outs, and more, throughout Marshalltown and its neighboring areas. “Off-road recovery” in Marshalltown involves a range of unexpected situations. Whether it’s a vehicle that has slid into a ditch on a snowy day, a car stuck in an unforeseen mud pit, or one that’s accidentally driven over a curb, our team is ready to assist.

Our team of professionals has extensive experience in addressing a variety of off-road challenges. We are proficient in pulling vehicles out of snowbanks, releasing cars from icy grips, rescuing vehicles submerged in water, or extracting them from muddy conditions. Utilizing our advanced expertise and equipment, we ensure a safe and efficient return to the road. Our wide-ranging coverage in Marshalltown means we can respond promptly to any off-road emergency, whenever it occurs.

Central Iowa Towing and Recovery understands that off-road emergencies can happen at any time. That’s why our vehicle winch-out and other recovery services are available around the clock in Marshalltown. Depend on us for fast, effective, and secure recovery services, no matter the terrain or the weather conditions in Marshalltown.


Flat Tire Changing Service in Marshalltown, IA

Central Iowa Towing and Recovery offers rapid and reliable 24-hour flat tire changing services across Marshalltown and its neighboring areas. Dealing with a flat tire can be a risky ordeal, especially in high-traffic areas like major roads and highways in Marshalltown. Let our skilled professionals at Central Iowa Towing and Recovery handle these challenging situations for your safety.

Our team is proficient in quickly removing your flat tire and fitting your spare, minimizing disruptions to your journey. We understand that not everyone has a spare tire readily available. In such cases, we’re equipped to safely transport your vehicle to the nearest repair facility, ensuring a swift and secure solution to your flat tire problem.

Pride is taken in our capability to provide quick, safe, and hassle-free flat tire changing services at Central Iowa Towing and Recovery. Our experienced team is ready to tackle any tire emergency on the streets of Marshalltown, delivering exceptional service exactly when you need it.

Dead Battery Jump Start Service Marshalltown, IA

Stranded with a dead battery in Marshalltown or the surrounding areas? Don’t fret – Central Iowa Towing and Recovery is here with quick, efficient, and affordable jump start services. Our team is equipped with the latest mobile jump-start technology, ready to assist you under any circumstances, whether it’s a snug parking space in Marshalltown or a remote area.

Ever find yourself with a dead battery during a tailgate party or while exploring the attractions in Marshalltown? Don’t let it spoil your day. Our capable team is just a phone call away, poised to provide rapid and reliable jump start services. We comprehend the frustration and inconvenience of car battery issues, and that’s why our 24-hour jump start service is dedicated to getting you moving again as quickly as possible.

In need of immediate assistance with a dead battery in Marshalltown? Reach out to Central Iowa Towing and Recovery at 515-290-4188. Our team is always ready to deliver a quick and safe jump start, ensuring your vehicle is back up and running with minimal downtime.

Car Door Lockout Service Marshalltown, IA

If you find yourself locked out of your car in Marshalltown, Central Iowa Towing and Recovery is ready to assist with our 24-hour emergency car door unlocking service. Available across Marshalltown and the surrounding areas, our team is skilled in dealing with all kinds of vehicles – be it your personal car, truck, camper, or RV. We have the expertise and tools necessary to unlock your car door quickly and effectively.

We understand the stress and inconvenience that comes with a car lockout. That’s why our trained and experienced roadside assistance team is dedicated to providing fast and dependable service to get you back on the road without delay. With Central Iowa Towing and Recovery, you’re guaranteed professional and damage-free car door unlocking services.

Need help right away? Dial 515-290-4188 to reach our Roadside Team. We’ll promptly dispatch the nearest service vehicle to your location, ensuring you get the assistance you need for your car door lockout situation in Marshalltown as soon as possible.

Gas Delivery / Fuel Delivery Service Marshalltown, IA

Run out of gas in Marshalltown or the surrounding area? Don’t let an empty fuel tank throw off your plans! Central Iowa Towing and Recovery offers rapid and reliable gas delivery services to help you out of a tight spot. We understand the frustration of running out of gas, whether you’re on your way home or just traveling through Marshalltown. Our team is ready to bring 2 gallons of gas directly to your location, ensuring you get back on the road without lengthy delays.

Our gas delivery service extends throughout Marshalltown, guaranteeing you’re never left stranded. Equipped with a crew of experienced roadside assistance professionals, we’re capable of addressing your fuel needs quickly and with utmost care, allowing you to continue your journey with peace of mind.

If you’re in urgent need of gas delivery in Marshalltown, reach out to Central Iowa Towing and Recovery at 515-290-4188. We’re committed to providing you with swift and convenient fuel delivery services, anytime and anywhere in Marshalltown.


Mobile Mechanic Services available for Des Moines, Ames, Marshalltown and all of Central Iowa
to help you with your Mobile Car ServicesSemi BreakDowns and any other Mobile Mechanical Services you may
need for cars, trucks, semi trucks… etc call our main dispatch number 24/7 for emergency roadside assistance.

Vehicle LockoutsGas or Fuel Delivery if you have “Ran out of Gas“, Help With A Tire ChangeMobile Flat Tire Assistance

“My partner slid off of an exit ramp near Story City. Patrick was out there in 20 minutes and got the car out quickly and expertly out of a drainage ditch. He even followed us up to the local gas station to make sure that the car still drove without any problems. I’m incredibly satisfied with the service — fair price, kind people, and expert service!”

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