Central Iowa Towing: Marshalltown's Premier Heavy Duty Towing Service

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Marshalltown’s Trusted Solution for Heavy Duty Towing

Central Iowa Towing is proud to serve Marshalltown with unparalleled heavy-duty towing services. Specializing in vehicles that exceed a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 26,000 pounds, our Marshalltown fleet is equipped with advanced heavy wreckers, each designed to handle the unique demands of towing large, heavy vehicles safely and efficiently.

Heavy Duty Towing Ames IA

Marshalltown’s Choice for Expert Heavy Wrecker Towing

Central Iowa Towing responds promptly to heavy-duty towing needs in Marshalltown. Our specially equipped fleet can adeptly handle the considerable size and weight of heavy vehicles, ensuring a towing process that prioritizes safety and minimizes disruption.

Comprehensive Heavy Wrecker Towing Services in Marshalltown

Our heavy-duty tow trucks in Marshalltown are perfectly suited to transport a variety of vehicles, from large commercial trucks to oversized SUVs. We focus on conducting the towing process without inflicting any further damage, ensuring the well-being of other road users with our stable and robust heavy wreckers.

State-of-the-Art Equipment for Marshalltown’s Heavy-Duty Towing Needs

Central Iowa Towing’s heavy wreckers in Marshalltown are equipped with the latest features, including high-capacity winches and reinforced frames. This specialized equipment enables us to handle complex towing tasks, accommodating vehicles on steep inclines or uneven terrains.

Heavy Duty Towing Ames IA

Skilled Recovery of Heavy Vehicles in Marshalltown

Our services in Marshalltown extend to the recovery of heavy vehicles involved in accidents or difficult scenarios. Our team skillfully manages the recovery process, ensuring vehicles are safely returned to a stable position or more accessible area.

Safety First in Marshalltown’s Heavy-Duty Towing Operations

At Central Iowa Towing in Marshalltown, safety is paramount in our heavy-duty towing operations. Our experienced operators adhere to strict safety protocols, employing the right techniques and equipment to ensure the secure transport of heavy vehicles.

Your Dependable Heavy Duty Towing Partner in Marshalltown

Choose Central Iowa Towing for all your heavy-duty towing and recovery needs in Marshalltown. We are committed to keeping Marshalltown’s roads clear and safe, offering reliable and secure solutions for every heavy-duty towing challenge. Trust us as your first choice for professional heavy-duty towing services in Marshalltown.


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“My partner slid off of an exit ramp near Story City. Patrick was out there in 20 minutes and got the car out quickly and expertly out of a drainage ditch. He even followed us up to the local gas station to make sure that the car still drove without any problems. I’m incredibly satisfied with the service — fair price, kind people, and expert service!”

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